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I'm selective about who I spend my time with. Due to a high volume of interest, I prioritize clients that pique my interest. If you’d like to discuss your interests in-person, seek my advice or get in touch for an interview, book a social session so we can get to know each other.

I prefer polite, concise messages from clients who have read all the information on my site in full. Before pressing submit, verify that the entire form is filled out and that your information is accurate. I will not respond to incomplete submissions or vulgar messages. Repeat offenders will be blocked. I receive many of these applications every day so make yours stand out.


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If you are new a deposit is required payable by e-transfer to or by PayPal. *Starred fields must be filled out
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Booking Policy


I require 48 hour notice on all bookings. I offer a 10 minute consultation (phone, email or text) to screened clients prior to our session. I will confirm all the details prior to our appointment by email or text.

Note that I do not discuss my tribute or agree to any requests for activities. I merely provide consultation around your desires and fantasies to determine if you are a good fit.

Specialized Services
For play sessions requiring specialized equipment that must be ordered ahead of time, please book 3-5 days in advance.


Want a sadistic getaway you’ll never forget? A seventy-two (72) hour notice is required for domestic travel (North America) and a seven-day (7) notice for international escapades. For travel, I require a 50% deposit fee for booking.

View my Travel Offerings


Considerations for my time are non-negotiable and must be provided within the first 5 minutes of our time together. If we are meeting in public, be discreet when presenting your donation.


A 20% non-refundable deposit is required for my time. For all bookings 2 hours and under, a deposit of $200 is required instead.

Deposits are payable by e-transfer at or through PayPal (processed through a discreet email that will not be tied back to me).

For gentlemen who require more discretion, you may pay by gift card from my favourite shops.



When booking for the first time screening is required without exception. This establishes trust comes out of a desire to uphold our mutual discretion. Verify your identity one of three ways:

1) The name and contact information of at least 2 reputable companions or pro-dommes with a web presence that you have seen in the past year.

A link to a professional profile with a photo of your face (ex: LinkedIn or corporate profile) or a review board handle with:

  • A picture of your Drivers License, Travel Passport or Work Badge with Photo next to your face.

  • The mainline of your office including your personal extension or work e-mail.

  • A copy of a bill with name and address on it.

I may require additional screening details based on my levels of comfort. Mutual discretion and privacy is a concern for us both. I handle all our correspondences through an encrypted and secure email address and phone number. Since I understand the need for mutual discretion I have a separate number and e-mail account for verification purposes. I will delete all information sent to me once we have met.

*For trans and non-binary individuals who do not have access to a proper ID, please indicate this to me on the booking form and we will make arrangements.



In the case of cancellation, your deposit is non-refundable.

If you are late, there will be no extended time or discounts allotted to our time. You snooze, you lose. If you would like to reschedule, your deposit will carry over to the rescheduled date. Otherwise, you will be refunded the full amount (deposit not included) for out time together.

Returning and established patrons, if you cancel within 24hrs of your booked time with me, my expectation is that you reimburse your total session fee, in part or in full, as a sign of respect.

In the rare case that you or I cancel, I will refund you for our time together (including your deposit).

Please note there is a zero tolerance policy for risky or abusive behaviour. If my boundaries are disrespected or I feel unsafe at any point, the session will be terminated immediately, you will be blacklisted and there will be no refunds.



Arriving to your appointment with a gift or written letter of gratitude does wonders for my impression of you. Or perhaps you enjoyed our time together so much that I’m constantly on your mind? Next time you fantasize about our encounter you can send me a gift or a note to show your appreciation and selflessness.

Gifts must be wrapped or enclosed in an envelope and presented in a gift bag. See some of my favourite gifts here