Domina Mari

Bespoke Kink
& Domination

Est. 2018


If you’ve found you way to me, it means you are searching for something. Perhaps you’re seeking something that is beyond reach to you, something different. You know it’s a release only I could provide.

I’m what most people would call a dominatrix. Personally, I see myself as an alpha witch and prefer the term femme fatale.

In either case you may refer to me as Domina.

A professional vixen in every sense of the word, I’m sharp as a whip and carry myself with confidence.
I specialize in unveiling and unearthing your darkest desires.

Luring tasteful gentlemen and elegant bastards into my endless web of seduction is my dirty little secret.

What’s yours?

- Domina Mari


Explore the depths of your soul.

True magic happens when fantasy becomes reality. Perceptive and cunning, I approach our time together with an authentic primal energy. Straddling the borders of nurturing and mischievous, I shape-shift between demon and martyr. I have a sadistic streak, a knack for power dynamics and I am devoted to nothing but leather and the spirit of divine pleasure.

Whether sensual or violently exhilarating, domination is a humbling experience. Consider me your guide in this journey. In manipulating your emotional, physical and psychological thresholds, I’ll help you explore true self. Regardless of your experience level, trust in me to break you with graceful expertise and build you back up. Worship and service will become central to our time together. Only the most devoted will be privy to the magic I conjure. I expect you to devote yourself to me the same way I devote myself to the art of domination. Below is merely a taste of what I enjoy.

C’est les saveurs selon l'inspiration du moment. I encourage you to view the full list of my interests



I love those who are devoted to caring for Me and objects I desire. I love slipping my perfectly manicured toes into a set of fine stockings and tucking them into a pair of italian leather heels. The sound of a wooden paddle on leather does not compare to anything else. I have a particular fetish for natural materials, such as leather, stainless steel and wood. I also appreciate fine latex.


Whatever journey you are seeking, you will establish intention and find your path. This is not for the faint of heart.


Whether I’m tying your lower half, restricting your breathing or playing with fire while you feel electricity coursing through your veins, you’ll feel the intimacy of pain. A sadist at heart, I crave your vulnerability. Your beautiful suffering is a work of art.


I enjoy slipping into many archetypes. Let yourself escape into the diabolical fantasies I create. My creative side hungers for authentic scenarios of all kinds. I have a penchant for interrogation, medical and domestic discipline scenes.


With the charm of a girl next door or a stern governess, I’m eager to beautify you. Allow the me to size you up with the trained eye of a design professional. I can provide a safe and discreet place for catharsis. Come into my boudoir, let me dress you up in my image. From the sensual to the humiliating, I provide a full transformation.


If you seek something a little more alien, I pride myself in offering a truly immersive and invasive experience.
I also enjoy animal play, toying with my prey and caging my dogs and horses to keep them obedient.


Ready to Serve?

I am your medicine.
I will devour you and spit you back up. Let me attend to your restoration.



Learn what makes me tick.


The wise one seeks information prior to the pursuit. Find out about my expectations.



When you revere a goddess and her wisdom, you present offerings to her altar.


The path to hell is paved with good intentions.