Domina Mari

The Most Divine
Dominican Dominatrix

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Redefining the art of seduction, I execute scenarios with sharp precision, leaving you mesmerized. I am trained in a variety of specialized skills such as needle and piercing play, electrostimulation and breath play. I maintain a scholarly and personal interest in BDSM that extends beyond the dungeon. I’ve had the honour of mentoring under Madame Cléo Dubois, Mistress Minax and Selina Raven at the Academy of the SM Arts. The Academy is home to some the finest dominant players in North America.

Outside my hedonistic pursuits, I’m known for being a tastemaker; a young tour-de-force. Lauded as an up and coming artist on the contemporary design scene, I am well respected by my peers and mentors in this field. I decided to honour my passion for both design and BDSM, blending contemporary art aesthetics to capture my philosophical conceptualizations of sex, power and ritual.

I like to get what I want – and you’re here because the same is true of you. Together we will dig deep into your desires. I am both a keeper of secrets and guide. Let’s go on a discreet journey to unlock your desires in a deep and authentic way.

It is not about what you can do “for me”, but rather how far are you willing to go for yourself. I am a conduit for your energy and truth. I hold space for you to feel freedom in the ways that have been denied to you. Let me bestow you the gift of letting go.


Skills & Interests



Foot fetish

Sissy play

Human ashtray

Topping & pegging

Erotic asphyxiation

Abductions & captivity

Needle & piercing play

Electro play

Impact play


Corporal punishment


Taboo roleplay

Service play

Ritual dominance

Tentacle, alien, Sci-fi

Wax play

Humiliation, degradation

Objectification; Human furniture

Obedience training

Pet training (pup and horse play)

Medical play


Bondage & mummification

Sensory deprivation / overload

Voyeurism & exhibitionism

Public humiliation

Water torture

Leather, latex & PVC worship

Toilet training

Behaviour modification




Fire play


& Limits

Scat play or RS

Submissive roles

Taking orders

Adult baby

Incest play

Bottoming for you

Permission must be granted to touch me. I am not interested in following any pre-scripted role. I do not offer bottoming or switching services. If you ask nicely, I can recommend some friends that provide more traditional companionship.

Scholarly Inquiry

The skills of a domme are very specialized, requiring a great deal of dedication. You are encouraged to fund any training necessary for me to master my craft. If you would like to participate as a play-thing, I’d delighted to try my newest methods of torture on you. Those who try something new shall be duly rewarded.